From farm land


From farm land


Our location in the heart of a region with a great agricultural tradition allows us to maintain permanent contact with the sector. Therefore, all our products take into account the real needs of producers.

This location, together with our vast experience and qualification, allows us to design and manufacture truly efficient products for each situation, and guarantee the best installation and support service.

Solutions for livestock farms

Our goal is to provide solutions to the livestock sector, in a personalized way: facilities, systems and accessories that facilitate the lives and work of farmers, taylored to their needs.


40 years

Global presence

40 countries


30 workers


3.000 references

Quality and technology

Our design and manufacturing process uses the highest technologies, and is backed in each step by a rigorous quality control based on the ISO9001:2008 standard.


Warranty, service and support

We believe that our role goes far beyond the design and manufacture of quality, reliable and durable products.

It is also essential for us to provide you with access to our products, help you with their installation, and provide full support once the installation is done.