ELMEGA- Elaborados Metalúrxicos Galegos
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ELMEGA plate coolers are designed to cool milk, however, they have many other uses such as cooling or heating any other type of liquid (by temperature Exchange between two liquids).

Both, plates and the frames, are manufactured in stainless Steel. They are self cleaning, being cleaned by their own washing system, but anyway they are designed for easy assembly and dismantling thus they can be thoroughly washed when necessary. They are easily adapted to new and old installations and offer great efficiency with capacity of a wide range of litres per hour.

Using ELMEGA plate coolers between the receiver and the bulk cooling tanking a milking parlour will save more than 50% of the electricity used by the tank cooling group during each session of milking, thus amortizing the investment in a short time.

ELMEGA plate coolers also play a large role in the bacteriological quality of the milk; it cools instantly, thus avoiding the growth of bacteria.

They come in two models: the F model with one circuit for water and the FF model with two circuits for water.

ELMEGA small plate coolers, depending on the number of plates they have, are suitable to cool from a few hundred liters to more than 3000 litres of milk.


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